Fatty and Beef Shoulder Roast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bilgeslime, Feb 4, 2016.

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    My wife surprised me last night with a stuffed meatloaf wrapped in bacon. Wow! I can imagine if it had also been smoked but it was done in the oven. She also suggested since Randal's has Briskets and Ribs on sale for the Super Bowl I need to stock up the freezer!

    Will not see Super Bowl as I am a member of a Ghost Hunting Team and we have one of my favorite locations scheduled for the weekend.

    I smoked a 5.5 lb Shoulder Roast last weekend and it came out OK. Tried using the Amazen but it quickly went out on me so I switched to Apple chips. I was running 225 degrees and it stalled at 147. I had calculated 1.5 hours per pound as a estimate but dinner time came and went. finally kicked it up to 275 and eventually pulled it at 180 degrees. It had good bark and tasted good however was a lot drier than I had anticipated. I think because of the extra hours created by the stall.

    Wondering if the stall was caused by evaporation or jus the meat so thick that it was insulating the core from reaching the desired 195?

    Did not use water.

    It's all still a learning experience for me.
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    I'm probably in the minority, but I smoke butts in a pan sitting in their own juices. I also put water in the water pan. Never had a dry one yet. At 180 the butt was not done. It should get to 205 OR until a probe or toothpick goes in with no resistance. The stall will not dry them out, but when it stalled you could have foiled it with some liquid & it would have pushed through the stall and got done quicker.

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    I'm with Al I think you were undercooked.  I like to pan and cover, (with foil), a beef roast at around 165* and probe for done starting around 190*.

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