Father's Day smoke

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by amcjeeper, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Just a little chicken on the smoker. Happy Father's Day everyone.
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    Looks great! Interesting screen name any pics of the jeep?
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  3. Looked good! How did it turn out?

    Did you brine it or go the rub route?

  4. I do a dry rub and they turned out awesome. Had a little trouble getting the whole chickens off without the thighs falling off. Everything was super tender

  5. no pics of the jeep on my phone b-one. I've owned 5 different jeeps. Three cj's a Tj and a yj. The current project is a 83 cj. Dana 44's spring over conversion and a 360ci motor. My 13 yr old son keeps looking at it and says it's his when he turns 16. I tell him I'll start him out with a 4 cyl

  6. That's from a few years ago. Same jeep. A few mods since then but still a project
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  7. You can see the smoke ring on the meat! Do you mind telling me what sorta temp and time you did the full birds for?

    Funny I used to have a CJ7. Absolutely loved that thing. No matter how many times an electrical fault or new issue sprung up with the engine I couldn't bring myself to part with it....living on the coast here in Australia made it the perfect ride!

  8. Those birds were around 250 to 275 and around 2.5 hrs I think. I do everything by internal temp so time is an estimate. I pulled them at 170 internal on the breast.
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    Looks like a great smoke!

    Nice job!

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    Good call on the 4 cly. I plow snow in winter where I work and we started with a jeep it's was great being able to turn so well compared to an extended cab pickup but we needed more power! Wish I had the time for a project jeep. I use to have an Eagle it was a great car but didn't have the time or skill to repair some frame issues.
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