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  1. Hey all put a 5 lb and 3 lb shoulder on this morning at 7:45.  These are the first ones i have done and i put the bigger one on the bottom rack in my WSM and the smaller one up top.  I put my temp probe in the smaller one and its at 163 already is this normal, like i said i have never done shoulder before.  Just seems fast.  And 'im not really getting a good bark on it.  Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

  2. sqwib

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    I would move your probe around, to confirm the temps. Is your thermo accurate?
  3. yes just boil checked it last night
  4. coffee_junkie

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    How hot is your smoker?
  5. 225-250
  6. smokinal

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    You should have put the smaller one on the bottom. It's about 15-20 degrees cooler than the top rack. When the small one gets done move the larger one to the top.
  7. ohm

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    Bone in or out? If you have a bone in watch out for putting the probe onto the bone. Also a fat pocket might do it as well.
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  8. Ya i switched them right after i posted cause i realized that.  Thank you fo the tip tho.  Weather isnt helping either its raining.  So i was fighting smoker temp here a second ago i took the middle section off and stirred the coals some i think thats helping
  9. Did you check the thermo in boiling water?
  10. yes i did.  Im not so much concerned about the meat temp now.  But my WSM is staying right about 215 i cant seem to get it hotter. If i open the door it goes uo but once i shut it then it goes back.  I took the middle section off and stirred the coals.  Still seems to be sitting kinda low tho.  My first cook with this WSM isnt really too good of an experience lol.  And it is raining so im not blaming the cooker.
  11. sqwib

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    The 3 pounder should be near 200 in roughly 4-4-1/2 hours
  12. Its at 173 at the moment according to my wireless
  13. flash

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    Yes he did.

     3 lber is not that big. It shouldn't take a long time. If it gets done early, just double wrap in foil and stick it in the cooler, wrapped in a towel.

    With you temps going up when you open, but going down when you you have your vents open for good air flow?
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  14. Vents are wide open.  I just went out again and gave the legs a good kick to clear ash and its holding at 225* with all three wide open.  Doesnt look like there is very much charcoal left.  I mean theres enough to prolly finish my BBQ but it doesnt seem like that would last a really long smoke like on a brisket or larger pork shoulder

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