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    Looking at buying a Lodge Dutch Oven. Have been struggling with chuckies, a few folks have given me some helpful info on how to end the struggle. Most of them involve the use of a pan of some sorts. Sure, I could go buy the toss away pans but just as soon would have something that was not a "one use" deal. Anyhow, on to my question. In reading the ads on different sites "factory seasoned" is mentioned. Can I just start cooking in the Dutch Oven with its factory seasoning or should I re season it first?

    I have a CI skillet that I have seasoned, gets better with every use. One or two more uses and I may be brave enough to try making eggs in it lol....
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    Lodge has improved their seasoning lately. It is ready to use right out of the box. It will get much better with use. If you have sticking problems, boiling water and a light scrubbing after will clean it out. If your uncomfortable with the factory season you can season over it.

    There is a very convincing article on the internet about why flax is the best way to season your pan but it will not hold up. I've been down the road with flax oil and had to redo many pans. The cast iron cooking forums will vouch for what I'm saying. The low smoke point of flax means it degrades at lower temps as well which results in black specs in your food.

    Vegetable oil, Crisco, canola oils are better options. The Griswold society recommends seasoning with Pam (canola). These options produce a brown seasoning on your pans that gets darker with age. Flax oil will be the darkest-shiniest black color if your going to display a CI piece.
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    I agree. The flax seasoning looks great. But does not hold well.

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