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  1. Hello again .. Still reading and buying. .. A fool and his money .. I read to much :)

    I bought a MES 30 eletric ( window ) and so far I loaded up on a-mase-n products galore .. I do not even have the unit yet ..so you can see I am very sick ...

    My question .. I bought from TheBBQGauru (www). ..hate this iPad for links

    1 bulkhead adapter $ 40
    1 damper regulator $14

    This will give me an inch and a bit of controllable air intake .. As I intend on using the pellet unit more than the dust unit .. And will be using the unit on the rails .. Where should I drill my intake hole .. Below or above the a-mase-n burner ( rail position )

    I searched for an answer all over the net .. I could pm Todd or go to him on his site .. But why not get this in the open .. Not that I have more $ than brains , but maybe there are some other people who have gone a bit outside( or should I say through) the box. :)

  2. Not sure what all that other stuff is for, but I got my AMNPS last week and used it this weekend without any kind of modifications other than pulling the chip pan out about 1.5 inches on my MES30.  It smoked for about 8 hours, which was perfect for the pork butt I was doing.

    What do those other parts do?  I cant imagine it being any easier/better than how it went for me last weekend. 
  3. Just a bit more control .. The removal of the loader is obviously well established .. and seems to work quite well from the posts I have read .. I guess it is just my own science background that seeks as much uniform control as possible ..

    I must admit my lack of experience here as the MES unit only arrived in my hands today .. It is snowing quite a lot today and my deck has about a foot of the light powder on it as I type .. I have nothing but time now until I get at smoking in a few months :)
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    I'm not sure what guru you puchased...but it is my understanding that they are designed to blow air on wood or charcoal to control heat...the entire point of the AMNPS is to smoke without heat. Adding a fan to blow air on it will not generate that much heat but you will burn up pellets faster than fat Rabbits make 'em! Todd could provide more detail, but he has multiple MES' and I seem to think his stuff was designed to solve MES smoke problems at low temp. You probably only need a Fish tank pump if you are worried about air. Would be cheeper than a guru...JJ
  5. I would think you would want your air intake below the A-Maze-N, altho I don't know that you need the GURU but hey I like to experiment too
  6. Not buying the GURU ... just the intake and the silicone plug .. the plug is actually a damper ( see shape )

    This will give me a 1 3/8" adjustable air intake .. for draft control ...

    http://www.thebbqguru.com/categories/BBQ-Guru-Adaptors/        ( I have no affiliation with this business )


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    Hey Ross

    Intake air is an issue with the MES and other electric smokers

    What we've found, thru lots of trial and error, is that pulling the chip pan out 1 1/2" and pulling the chip loader out 2" helps the MES to breathe.

    For other electric smokers, like the CookShack or Smokin Tex, some guys use a cheapie aquarium pump for combustion air. 

    I've also experimented with the aquarium pump, and it was very successful

    Pellets take more air for combustion than sawdust.  Some customers seem to get along with sawdust much better, in their smokers.

    Keep Us Posted!

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    X2.  I have the MES 40 and AMZNPS have not had a problem.  Opening the chip loader and top vent wide open works for me, and I do use pellets.

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