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    I recently read a thread here that talked about extension cords for the MES40.  I can't find it now, can someone help, please.  I need to try and narrow my temp swings.  I will try a heat sink next time but the extension cord might help also.
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  2. Using an extension cord should not be a problem depending on size and length. How long of a cord are you using and what gauge is it?
    Always use the shortest cord possible.
    Up to 25 ft, a 14 ga will work.
    For 50 ft, I would use 12 ga.
    But if you have to go 100 ft, I would go 10 ga.
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    Get a 12/3 25 foot cord on Amazon for $22. 

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    Fill the water pan with washed gravel....

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  5. I'm confused.

    How does an extension cord help with temperature swings in an MES-40?
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    He probably wants to move it into an area that has less wind. 
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