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  1. I wish I had more time to do these ribs right but at least I get try a few new things.

    same start mustard base with a new coffee Rub
    here's the piggy

    Didn't get started till 5 so gonna try 2 hours of smoke with half hour of each foil and glaze
    I'll post more pictures later going to use higher temperatures
  2. How is that coffe rub? Does the food taste like coffee? I've seen coffee mentioned in a few spots, just have not got the nerve up to try it. I would catch heck if I served coffee tasting ribs or steak to my wife[​IMG]
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    I've been smoking at 265* and above and everything's been turning out great! With chicken I've even gone up to 325*!
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    Lookin' good so far, Bob.... [​IMG]

  5. I ran smoke about 250 for the first hour..then turned it up 290 for the second hour ..edges of the rub got "burnt" but when I tasted thoes small pcs before foil they had no bad flavor...almost done srry didnt get any pics after step one ..but was in much more of a hurry ..with my already short cook time

    ...there is a slight coffee after taste ..this is my first time using a coffee rub myself ...plus side is both my wife and I love coffee ..ill divulge more after true tasting
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  6. So final output on these 3 hour ribs were good

    not as much smoke as I like but was just right for my wife..the coffee rub on the ribs dry has slight coffee taste but when paired with the the sauce (I used two different types a Memphis style(tomato base) and a Brown sugar base) it creates a nice fusion between the spice and the sweet IMHO...

    Here's the final product
    Has a lite smoke and that "bite" while still being very tender

    Thanks everyone and smoke-on,
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    Those look mighty tasty!  Very nicely done...


  8. I see the bite you mentioned!!![​IMG]
  9. Looks like everything turned out great..........[​IMG]

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