Experimental Baby Backs on NFL Sunday

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gavin16, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Good Day everyone!  

    Dillons has struck again with a great deal on my biggest weakness... ribbies! So why not grab a rack and have some fun! I decided to switch it up this weekend, and I've been eyeballing forluvofsmoke's blueberry rub for pork for a VERY long time now.. Found here:


    Giving it a whack, and mine is slightly modified... I'm using whole fresh blueberries, no peppers, and minced onions instead of the other chopped.  I also don't have a grinder, so I probably should've gotten fresh cherries also.. alas, here we go! 

    Note:  This is also another trial for my new AMNPS.  This will be the first time I'll be smoking past 1 hour with it, in my NON MODDED Analog MES 30.  This will be a true test to see if/what mods I will need if it doesn't work.  

    Little worried my rub may be a bit thin, we will see... 

    Firing up the AMNPS! Like I said, first time I've filled a row and partial.. want to see if she'll make the turn! Hickory base with cherry on top.. Smoking around 225 using the 2-2-1.  
  2. Here are pics after the 2 hour mark.  Was digging around in my fridge to see if I had anything to compliment for a foil rub... and I find a jar of raspberry preserves my roommates had bought! Ahhh.. I wish I would've found sooner for the rub! lol. 

    More blueberries, butter, smoked paprika, rasberry preserves in the foil mix. 

    They look a bit dry after 2 hours.. Not my typical rub, and again, probably didn't apply thick enough.  Hope the foiling will help this.  

    AMNPS after 2 hours.  Not bad... right? Hopefully someone can give me some advice as to if that is an adequate look after 2 hours.  I know the white ash is ideal.  Never seen white ash when I had my wood chips...

    Pulled after 1 1/2... Looking good! Got the moisture back.  Now in for another 1 without foil.  I also added potatoes when I foiled them.  Red ones, will probably mash 'em.  

    Here is the look after a total of.. 3 1/2 hours.  Looks like it made the turn! So that's a plus... I should've added more pellets though.  After another 10 minutes or so I rechecked the AMNPS, all pellets were black.. so I tossed fresh ones on top to see if they'd pick up.  

    This is where I stand currently.  

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    Those look pretty good Gavin. I did Bbacks yesterday, nothing special but my rub, Brown sugar butter and rub in foil at foil time for 2 hrs. Only been smoking meats since June this yr. Best I've made yet. Did a brisket too so I can get better at it. End result....
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    Basted w/ Makers Mark and AJ mix throughout.
  5. Those look incredibly good dtj16! I especially like the glaze on the ribs.  That's one thing I just haven't done yet... Maybe one day. lol.  I just seriously picked up smoking this spring/summer, after getting my smoker for Christmas.  Haven't looked back yet! [​IMG]

  6. And... the meat is in! Yum yum yum!! I added some raspberry preserves to the potatoes, foiled, tossed back in the smoker for another 10 minutes on 300.  I still didn't cook them quite long enough... oh well.  Those ribs though... Even got some bark!! Just needs a little more tweaking, but wow! Roommates picked a bad weekend to be out of town. [​IMG]

    Fall off the bone, finger looking good! 
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    I'm a newbie too, got June June 5th for my bday. I can definitely say I owe any success I've had to the experts great guys and gals on this site.
  8. Agreed! So glad to have found these guys.. I honestly might not be as enthused about cooking if there weren't so many ideas floating around here, and so many more great people to help out! 

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