Expandable Flexible Garden Hoses

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by rabbithutch, Sep 17, 2013.

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    OK, I did an advanced search for this phrase and got no hits; so I'm guessing this subject has not been discussed.

    I was given a pair of 25' hoses like you see on TV. Both of them sprang a leak in the male end where the water flow valve is located. They are tiny little sprays of water that are irritating when using the nozzle.

    I then went out and bought a 50' hose thinking that I might have just got into a bad batch. Well, the 50-footer must have come from that same batch 'cause it did the same thing.

    All of these hoses have plastic fittings. I found some that are sold under the DAP name( and supposedly by the guy who created the technology) that have brass fittings - that look cast, not pressed - but they are PRICEY - $50 for a 50' hose.

    I also found some that are about half that price that seem to have pressed brass fittings.

    I really like the idea of these hoses because they are manageable by SWMBO and retract to a small space. No coil of hose nor a hose reel to clutter up small spaces, but I don't want to invest any further in the idea until I can find out what brands are worthwhile and which are not.

    Do any of you have experience with these hoses? Did you find the same small leaks in the fittings? What brands do you trust? Where did you buy them?
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    Rabbit....we have a local TV station that does a segment "Deal or Dud"....they have done 3 segments on those....and each time they were a DUD.

  3. My wife bought one for our backyard and threw out the old one I have had for 15 years...nice that it shrinks up to nothing and will fit in a flower pot.  All the connections leak like a sieve and it doesnt appear to be able to swap them out or adjust to keep from leaking.  Also, the smaller diameter restricts the flow so you dont get as much water flow.  Cant patch them if you get a leak either.  And the most important plus about them is that the wife is happy so I can live happily with the drawbacks.
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    Thanks for the responses. I half expected to be told that the technology is not perfected, but it is remarkable that my BIL has 3 that he has used for several years without problems.

    I might try the more expensive one with the cast brass fittings IF they will give me a warranty for an appreciable length of time.

    Again, thanks for the feedback.

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