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  1. I am trying to get my smoker mods done and was wondering, on the exhaust pipe does the straight piece coming out of the CC count as a useless area of CC or do you add it to the length of the exhaust? I don't want to mess this up twice. Already having to fix my original mistakes!!
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    Just making sure I understand the question. You have your exhaust stack going into the cook chamber and you have some on the outside. You want to know if the part in the cook chamber counts towards anything?

    When I asked the same question I was told the stack length only counts what is on the outside of the cook chamber. I was also advised to go with the largest diameter you can. This will cut down on the drag and allow better airflow....
  3. Outside the CC but before it elbows up. There will not be anything inside the CC. I was looking at a piece of 2" pipe. Might need to try and find at least a 3 1/2" then. I really don't want it to be too tall. At 2" it would need to be 42" long and that is why I was asking. I already have the 2" and was just going to use what i already had on hand. If the space between CC and 90° bend was counted for exhaust then I don't have to go so high. Also thought about dropping the exhaust opening to grate level. Is that good, bad, or don't matter on a RF?
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    Not sure how much pipe you will have before the elbow, I would not imagine there would be much. I personally would not count it.

    Yes I would try for at least 3". I have seen some use exhaust pipe material for big rigs. Just a thought.

    As for the stack at grate level or not on a RF... That is a debatable subject. Some say that the plate creates enough circulation and it is not needed. Others say it is still needed. I personally am going for a few inches above the bottom grate level.
  5. Thank you. I will try to keep the pipe short as possible before elbow. As I work in a Fab shop I can get scrap material pretty cheap. Most of what we do in tubing is usually not round or is thick wall. I will look again. Really don't want to use ent conduit because it is galvanized.
  6. Keep in mind you can always close the damper on the exhaust pipe if you have to much airflow. However, you can't make the pipe any bigger if you don't have enough. That being said, I always go bigger than necessary on the exhaust diameter. 

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