Exchanged MES30 for MES40

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by dvuong, Jun 6, 2014.

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    I originally bought a Gen 2 MES30 from Lowes last week and got two pretty good smokes out of it. However, I decided that a larger unit might be better for the rare occasion that I cook for a large group and it's also nice to not have to cut ribs in half to get them to fit. I took it back to Lowes and exchanged for va MES40 Gen 2. I haven't put it together yet but will get to it tomorrow. I'm a little nervous since I've read horror stories on this unit. Does anyone have any tips?

    My AMNPS also arrived yesterday so I would love some tips using it with this smoker too. :)

    Oh, how does this smoker handle small cooks? Like just. A single chicken.
  2. Gen 2.....I wish you all the luck in the world.  As for how a smoker handles small cooks? Just like large cooks.  Don't worry about anything but Internal Temp of the meat you are smoking......don't worry about Temp fluctuations etc. 

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    It handles small smokes as well as large smokes. There is really little difference.

    I would suggest you send BearCarver a /PM he probably knows MES as good if not better than anyone else on the boards and he uses a MES40.with totally outstanding results.

    As to problems, yes some folks have had some usually with the thermometers. I have a MES30 and have smoked a lot on it., Probably 3 to 500 hours and I still love it. Never had a single problem. You never hear those who get good smokers, only those who have problem. Besides so far I have not heard a single people who Masterbuilt didn't solve and offer a free fix to their problem in a very timely manner. No I don't work for Masterbuilt, I am just one of those who had zero problems, I hope you are also.

    Seriously Talk to BearCarver.
  4. Awesome that they let you exchange it even though it was used.
  5. I agree on master built customer service, outstanding. Have a gen1 mes 30 with the cold smoke unit. It never let's me down.

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