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Discussion in 'Drying/Dehydrating' started by lesgofishin, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. lesgofishin

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    I sure would appreciate some advice on using Excaliber Colorado Jerky seasonings. I just ruined a batch of jerky. I followed the directions from Walton's Inc. Drag the meat through the seasoning coating all sides. Put in container and cover with water overnight. For the seasoning I used a package of Excaliber seasoning for 25lbs fo meat. The package calls to add cure to the seasoning. I weighed out the cure and added it into the mix before dragging the meat through. After drying the jerky it was so salty that you couldn't eat it. I've made a lot of jerky before but never with commercial seasoning and I have never used pink salt. Could this be the problem? Any advice would be great. 
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    Sorry - No help.  I am just replying because I also want to know the answer to your query.  (I normally use a marinade on my jerky, but on occasion will use a dry rub.)  

    25 pounds is a heckuva waste of meat. Sorry to hear that.
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    So, you used 11.5 oz. of jerky seasoning and 1 oz of cure #1..... for your 25#'s of meat....

    That's 0.25% salt from the cure....  I can't find out how much salt is in the Excaliber Seasonings....   Did you weigh the meat and reduce the seasoning and cure to the proper amount ??  The proper amount of cure #1 is ~1.1 grams per pound of meat.. 
  4. lesgofishin

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    Hi Dave, sorry about the slow reply its been a busy couple of weeks. I weighed out the cure and used 1oz. The excaliber seasoning was for 25lbs of meat. The only thing I can think that went wrong was that maybe I should have not dragged the meat through the seasoning before covering with water. I probably should have just added the seasoning to the water and dropped the meat in to brine overnight. 
  5. daveomak

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    Contact the supplier of the Excaliber seasonings and find out how much salt is in it...   Don't want to ruin the next batch...

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