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Discussion in 'For New Members' started by smokin johnny, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. smokin johnny

    smokin johnny Newbie

    Hi everything that i smoke in my masterbuilt pro gas smoker cooks way too fast! I can't get the temp below 250 and I read recipes that say it should take 3 hours and so on but my ribs were burnt in less than 2! I have a thermometer that hangs inside on the rack so I get a truer temp and i use a probe to check internal temp, however the meat still reaches it's cooked temp to fast! If i left things on as long as a recipe says to everything would be burnt! Need help i am new to this smoker thing!
  2. eman

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    take the thermometer that hangs inside and put it in a pot of hot water when the water comes to a boil the thermo should read right around 212 degrees.  you have something that is not on temp.
  3. smokin johnny

    smokin johnny Newbie

    Have my burner turned all the way down and it still won't go below 250 but i will check the thermo
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    You may need to do a needle valve modification. Gas smokers are notorious for running higher temps. Use the search feature here and type in "needle valve". There's a ton of threads that will point you in the right direction.
  5. smokin johnny

    smokin johnny Newbie

    Ok i will search for it thx

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