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Discussion in 'Grilling Fish' started by hillbillyrkstr, May 3, 2014.

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    Alright I decided to do a cedar plank salmon, and some ribeyes on the weber tonight. Used some kingsford competition bricks mixed with some lump I had left over. Not a big fan of this chargriller lump I bought last summer so I'm trying to get rid of it.

    kingsford mixed with the lump nice and hot!

    cedar plank salmon on the grill. (End was real thin so I cut it off so I could pull early)

    salmon done enough for me at 142 degrees.

    have to throw in the PBR pic! It's become a tradition.

    ribeye 1

    ribeye 2

    steaks done at 130. (One side of one of the steaks got a bit crispy. What can you do?)

    threw some chicken/bacon sausages on at the end just because I had them. Damn good sausages!

    finished plate.

    a little bit of everything for dinner, and just in time to catch the Kentucky Derby! Gotta love 'Merica!!!

    Hope y'all enjoyed my charcoal grillin' evening!
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    Nice !!!!:grilling_smilie:
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    Man, all looks great.

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