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    I have a Chargriller Smokin' Pro 1224 that I've modified; sealed the opening, added baffles (albeit cheap aluminum baking sheet) and now a charcoal box. The charcoal box was gratus it's 1 channel with 3/4 expanded metal it's 6"Hx12"Dx13.5"L. It held heat for over 4 1/2 hours and the temperature varied at most 15 degrees at the low and high end to dead on at 235.

    The temperatures were as far as 50 degrees different as it warmed up and when it got over 250. The low temp was on the end closest to the firebox. Will a heavier baffle help? Reverse flow? I'm thinking 1/4 mild steel.

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  2. Hello.  By adding the baffles you are creating a "semi" reverse flow so to speak as nothing is sealed.  I'll bet your fire box is on the left and you left your stack on the right as you look ( door open ) at your grill??  IF I am right; for reverse flow and reverse flow configuration the stack needs to be on the same end as the fire box.  Your smoke and heat travelled left to right below the baking sheets left to right.  Out the gap on the right and then straight up and out the stack on the right side before travelling back to the left side of the cooking grill.  We didn't get much info.  I am doing ALOT  of speculating.  More details and picts. would help.  Keep Smokin!


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