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  1.         We all deserve at least one ridicules question on this site ( otherwise how do we learn)? Here's mine;  As a single, blue collar guy I can't always afford the finer things in life, like giant cuts of choice brisket from Costco, or baby backs, or pounds of fresh salmon filets.

      I do pretty well with cheap pork shoulders, and spareribs, but I'm always stretched when it comes to decent fish to smoke. Then it came to me....why not open a couple cans of "solid white albacore", put it into the smoker for a few low- temp hours and use it in salads, casseroles, and dips and spreads. Anything but showing it to people[​IMG].

         I realize most are of the opinion that if you are going to smoke it then you should use the finest cuts, but I really enjoy taking the ordinary and making it extra ordinary.

          Any thoughts or input?
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    Cold Smoking anything that does not contain a cure can be dangerous! That being said 1-2 hours at 140*F will not hurt anything. However I suggest you don't smoke more than you will use in two days. With proper handling, disinfected hands, tools, containers and such, 1Tbs Bleach in a Gallon of Water works well, the risks are minimized...BUT...There are still risks and smoking up a 5 pound batch that will sit in the refer for days is a bad idea and freezing the canned Tuna will cause it to leach what little moisture the meat holds to the point that even Mr. Hellman (Best Foods Mayo on the West Coast) could not make it good...JJ

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