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    HI FELLOW SMOKERS!! I am new here but i think i found my website to keep me busy up till my next smoke!!! KUDO's to CREATORS! after i post this ad, i want to find where i can tell you all about our old TRADER VIC's smoker..cast iron on wheels we hung lamb chops at top and built fires of wood at bottom of L SHAPED DEVICE. wonderful decice..OK

    I AM DESPARATE TO FIND A OLD (or new) LITTLE CHIEF (or lilttle Injun) smoker..i love these and since it's time for Salmon to head up rivers and creeks, its time to fire up those smokers....someone PLEASE offer one to me?? i will either drive to pick it up or if still in box will pay for shipping...Thank you friends! (i placed 1$ because i had to put a price)

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