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    Hi all,
    I've had a really cheap offset smoker for a couple of years and had (listening to those I've fed) quite a bit of success with it over that time. I've lurked here since before I bought my offset and worked out how to get the most out of it from you all. Having enjoyed it so much and seen a lot of your builds develop I decided to have a crack at building my own modest RF smoker (photo below) and yesterday we had the first test run and even ended up cooking on it. So I'd like to thank you all as I've most probably plagerised most of your ideas and gained alot of inspiration here. 
    As it's alot bigger than what I was used to and keeps it's heat soooooooo much more I have a few questions I'll be asking over in the RF section about fine tuning it and running at lower temperatures.

    So hi all, and again thanks.


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    Happy smoken.


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