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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by johnvi, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. johnvi

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    So Gang,

    Im thinking of getting a ET732, Went to a BBQ class today that 3EYEZ was hosting, learned a LOT.

    Only question I have is what do you guys do when you want to take multiple readings for different meats? If I am smoking a chicken, and a brisket, and whatever else, how can I get all those readings?

    This thing only has one unit probe for the temp of the smoker and one meat probe
  2. geerock

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    I am waiting for someone to produce a multiple meat probe unit myself.  But right now I have the 732 and a couple of others single probe units that are less expensive to monitor multiple meats.  I believe that there are a few dual meat probe units out there, too.
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  3. I have a Thermapen that i use for the other meats in my smoker. If i'm doing a Butt and chicken i'll probe the butt and check the chicken with the Thermapen because i check more than one spot on the chicken.
  4. I do the same as gotarace. I have an ET-732 and a Thermapen and that combination works very well. I would like to have a second Maverick ET-732 but, although they are well worth the money, these thermometors are expensive.  
  5. sprky

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    LOL I have been known to have several thermometers going at the same time. most of them are the cheaper ones. 


    another thing I do is probe the meat that will smoke the shortest time and when that comes off move the probe to the next meat. After i wipe the probe with alcohol wipe.
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  6. smokinal

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    I have multiple therms that I have purchased over the years. What ever is in the smoker I have a probe in, sometimes more than one in large cuts of meat.
  7. africanmeat

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    I learned here not to smoke by time to smoke by IT i got few thermometers

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