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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by smokezilla, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Does any one use there ET 73 in cold weather (20 degrees) I just got mine.  I just use a cheap cheap probe mainly during winter months but would like to use ET 73 if I could
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    Well we don't get that low very often here in North Fla but. I do have a Mavrick thermo probe unit and I use it no matter the temp or the weather. Now I keep them in and under cover from the weather and they seem to be working right nicey. The only thing that I would complain about is the coverage for the wireless unit.
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    you will be fine using it. I have a ET 72 and use it all year round. Even in the snow.
  4. thanx for the info guys, I plan on using it all year round too now that i know some one else did, I have not used it on a smoke yet, but have tested it for temp and range and it works really good, thanx again
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    Should be fine for the length of time it would be out.  Also, it will be next to a warm smoker so that should help keep it above freezing.  The thing is don't leave anything with an LCD out when the temperature drops below 0 F.  I've ruined a digital caliper (similar display to the ET-73) by leaving it out over a NY winter and when I went to use it again, the display didn't work ever again.  So when you're done, bring it back inside.
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    Since it is the transmitter and you are not going to be looking at it unless you are out at the smoker why not put it into a glove to protect it. Does it really take a Cali boy to figure this out LOL
  7. Thanks for the answers,  Scarbelly,  should that be a wool or thinsalated glove,  what color should it be,  should i heat the glove or unit up to keep it warm ?  I only went to college for six years, LOL, just messing around with you man,  I thought about a glove but couldn't find one long enough to cover wires all the way to my smoke chamber,  LOL   thanks for the info

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