ET-73 Mods. Link ?

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  1. Could someone please provide me with the link on for the ET-73 Mod.....I can't seem to pull it up when I go there ...and or a previous post by one of our members. !!!

    Thanks, Rick
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  3. I'm finally getting annoyed enough with my unit...have to keep moving it around to get a signal....

    Yes there is a mod. you can do that some of the members have done and have gotten the units to have tremendious range.....many, many feet away and through their house and etc
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    I wonder if it will work on the ET-72 that I have??? It only has one probe but it looks like the same unit and when I plug it's the probe it reads saying it's #1 probe. But thanks Jim for the link.
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    I wish my yard/house was big enough to make this mod necessary.
  7. THANKS FOR THE LINKS ......Now I just have to do my the feeling I'll give it a try though...getting too irritated moving the unit around the room looking for a good signal all of the time......!

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    I know what you mean, first day I was amazed cause I could take it all the way to the other side of the house but that must have been dumb luck because now I can go inside and into the living room and have to wonder if it is still connecting.
    Wonder if I can boost the range to 500' then I could keep the smoker out by the shed and sit inside in the warmth (or cool air since Summer is on the way)
  9. I realize this is an old thread and this topic has been discussed ad nauseam, but I am sooooo pleased with how simple thhe receiver mod was to do and how much it increased range. I recently moved my "cook's corner" about 3 feet from where I was located which resulted in the reciever not getting a good signal from the transmitter when placed next to my baseball/nascar/football watchin chair. I placed a wire in the empty hole on the receiver antenna circuit board, drilled a small hole for the wire in the case, and WOW what a HUGE difference!
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    I did both my transmitter and receiver... didn't help mine
  11. hmmmm.  how long is the wire you used?  I am not elec engineer, but I read where 6.5" on the receiver end is MAX.  If a diff length (over or under) it actually hurts vs helps.
  12. jckdanls 07

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    6.5"... is that from where it's soldered on or from the top of the case where it comes out ??

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