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    Hello, I have a Master Forge 2 door smoker that I have used fiberglass rope on to seal the doors.  I am working on becoming more proficient with this smoker but it is testing me. 

    Some basic questions:

    1) How do you judge wood on the smoke box for 1 hour, 2-3 hours and 4-6 hours?

    2) Im having challenges with wood in the smokebox flaming and emitting gray to black smoke, not the desired thin blue smoke. I've tried soaking and not soaking.  Currently I have the side vents closed and the stack damper wide open.

    3) I have a remote digital probe for the smoker and meat.  Where should it be placed? Under the lowest used rack, between racks if using multiple racks or at the top near the stack?  It obviously makes a difference on the meat temp and when it is done to temp!

    Thanks in advance for any shared wisdom!!
  2. I have never use this model. So I can't help much on the smoke. Other than you have to find out what size chunks your pit likes. Some like larger than others. Forget about soaking the chips or chunks....Your not making smoke. Your making steam. Top vent wide open all the time.

    As for where to put the probe. Check all leavels. Find out what the temp differance is. If all leavels are real close. Then it doesn't much matter. If their is a big differance. Put the probe on the shelf that needs to be the most watched...Like chicken can take more of a temp swing than brisket. You may find you need more than one gauge

    Happy smoken.

  3. I have the same smoker.. What I do to keep the chips from flaming is wrapping the chips in foil and poking a bunch of holes.. Seems to work well

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