Epic Fail of ExtraOrdinary Magnitude

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bauchjw, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. ak1

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    I'm giving you points for sharing with us. Heck that's a piece of art, I'd hang one of those racks on the wall[​IMG]
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    Son of a
  3. Oh wow, that is horrible!
  4. bauchjw

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    I'm sure it was in the manual that I skimmed and ignored after initial set up, it's all on me.
  5. bauchjw

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  6. bauchjw

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    Thank you AK. I'll save the picture to be framed!
  7. bauchjw,

    this does not help much but i am sorry for your issue.....it is bad enough to loose all that cheese but then to have the mess to clean up, we all have had some epic disaster or 2 along the way if not your just not running enough smoke [​IMG]   so it prompted me to share this little oops.... went to great care with 6 Pork Cushions and at the last minute (while on the phone as well) and dealing with the dog i opened the door and grabbed the lit amazin pellet tray (wrong end, there went two fingers and a thumb) and placed it in the smoker asap (job well done?) when I went back to check on progress i realized what was wrong..... i placed it on top of the diffuser instead of under it. the pellets collected all the wonderful drippings then turned into my personal "Pellet Chia Pet"  [​IMG] just one of those days....

  8. bauchjw

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    Thank you for sharing a little pain Tom!
  9. c farmer

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    And this is why this forum is great. People post failures too. People learn from the failure of others.

    Not every smoke goes the way we want it too.
  10. Man, that sucks yet is kinda funny at the same time because I almost used the timer on my mes the first time I did cheese. The upside is, when I showed your pics to the wife, she said "oh hell no. That sumbitch would be out at the road looking like that." So now I know what to do if I decide I want a new mes, lol.

    Smoke it up
  11. bauchjw

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    Hehe, happy to give you an out for a new MES! I had some leftover pulled pork to remind me of the good times!
  12. disco

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    I can only add my condolences to all the others and point out that you have something very valuable, a story of epic proportion and the pictures to back it up! Good luck on future smokes!

  13. mummel

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  14. bilgeslime

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    Makes me wonder how many others make the same mistake and don't own up.
  15. mr t 59874

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    Did someone put all their eggs in one basket? 

    Wow, stalactites, stalagmites and all. If you are referring to my cheese thread, seems I suggest pulling your cheese when internal product chamber temps reach 70°-75°. Obviously, you went just a tad bit higher. [​IMG]  

    Just suck it up as lesson learned and have another shot at it. You will do better next time, guaranteed.

    Point for posting.  [​IMG]  

  16. bauchjw

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    Thank you Disco. It is a self effacing story that will serve me for many years!
  17. bauchjw

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  18. bauchjw

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    Thank you Mr T. I read through your threads, but didn't follow step by step...this is what I get! I'll be back at it next paycheck!
  19. RichTees was a classic but I think we have a new champion.

    Sorry for your loss.
  20. drewed

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    I think you need to change your screen name to "Cheesus,"

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