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Discussion in 'Fatty Sticky' started by bbqgoddess, Jul 18, 2008.

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    That's the spirit! I'm almost disappointed that so many are bowing out or not even attempting just because of the amazing entries so far. Time is one thing--it is a busy weekend--but don't avoid the throwdown just because others seem more creative or adept.

    As my wife and I went out to shop for more ingredients this morning, we had both seen the entries as of 7 a.m., and we said that we probably wouldn't eat half of what we could come up with, as far as creative/exotic ingredients and recipes (she still says no about the lamb...). We're still glad that we're going with our boring old standbys, cause it's just fun to "hang out" with you folks!
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    Here's my entry, be it ever so humble.

    Plan is for a PorBufzza fatty. I got sausage and bison filled with Canadian bacon, bacon slices, cheese, sauce, and spices. I'm currently dealing with a Butt right now and will posts pics as I get to that point.
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    They were cooking for about 4 hours. I cooked all to a 160 internal temp over lump, and a mix of hickory, apple, and cherry. I sliced the one the wife requested (Mushroom, onion, roasted red pepper, sun dried tomato pesto, roasted garlic, and italian mixed cheese), but the rest have to travel for 2 hours, so I have them foiled, toweled, and in a small cooler.
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    I knew before this whole thing even started that I didn't stand a chance in the creativity department.....there are too many great cooks on this site for me to compete in that arena.

    Soooooo, I decided to give a humongous bratty a shot......

    This is 3 lbs of bratwurst patties flattened out in 2 separate ziplock bags, then "sewn" together. Topped with traditional brat fare......diced onions....sauerkraut.....mustard....and just because no fatty is complete without it.....an entire bag of shredded co-jack cheese. (forgot the cheese pic...[​IMG])

    Here she is, all 4 1/2 lbs!, rolled up and topped off with some KC rub......

    It's on the smoker now ....using Wicked Good lump charcoal and a mix of mesquite and cherry.

    Cruising along at 240*.....about 130 internal......SHE'S A WHOPPER!!

    Here's the beast just off the smoker at 165* internal.....very minimal weepage....prolly from the sauerkraut....I'm shocked that it didn't blow out!!....

    And the final pics.......rested and sliced.....WOW...that KC rub has a great kick to it!!

    Hope you enjoyed the show!!.......[​IMG]

  6. dennisdocb

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    OK Guys and gals..I've never done a Fattie but I've looked at all these and decided what the hell..I've got a butt on the smoker anyway, so here my attempt....sure hope I don't get a blowout..
    First one consist of JD sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon, sauteed diced red and green bells, onion and mushroons, mozzarella, colby, monterey and parm cheese.
    The second has the same cheese's and peppers and shroons, spinach, rolled up turkey breast.

    the start, now don't laugh.....

    Made it this far with no blowouts

    Now going on the smoker..will update when done..wish me luck!!!!
  7. camocook

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    Good Luck!!!!
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    just pulled the fatties off the smoker, took a little longer than I expected, guess cause I was using an electric smoker. I put the fatties in the oven for a little bit so I can crisp up the bacon on the outside (I have issues with bacon fat) Will post up Qview pics shortly. Original blow out held up great since I kept it on top
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    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FATTIES,FATTIES,EVERYWHERE FATTIES.My hat is off to every one.You guys are spankin em out. And once again may I say All HAIL GODDESS for this mighty fine idea of a throwdown....This aint no throwdown its turned into a FATTY SMACKDOWN.........go guys go..........
  10. I started the day with a long run (the run gave me plenty of time to think about what I would make when a got home--plus you gotta take some calories off before you put them back on!). So, here is what I came up with-nothing too creative, but worth a first shot:

    Sage pork sausage from the freezer--might as well use it, Rainbow swiss chard from the garden, carmelized sweet Walla Walla onions from my trip there last weekend (sorry to the southern folks, but Walla Walla's have vidalias beat hands down for sweetness!), and some smoked gouda. Smoker is heating up now, but here are some "warm up pix". I'm doing a mess of ribs to go along with the fatty. More pix later.

    Good luck everyone, and to those that have posted, nice work[​IMG]

    The spread:


    Rolled and ready:

    Getting excited a little too early:
  11. cbucher

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    Looks good, and our helper gets excited if we get close to the kitchen.
  12. tbucher1218

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  13. 1894

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  14. cbucher

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    The pizza fattie is really good.
  15. tybo6

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    WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......Do not put mashed taters and velveeta in a fatty...IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!......Needless to say the inside of my fatty is now on the outside of my fatty......HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Think I'll grab a beer and try again....yeah thats what I will do
    Here I go
  16. bbqgoddess

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    remember no q-vue so it didn't happen!!
    beer me too!!
  17. camocook

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    thanks for the warning. Sweet taters worked fine.
  18. williamzanzinger

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    Youd want to add egg yolk to those taters. Theyll set up like a custard.
  19. caprid

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    Here's my couple.

    Applesauce Fattie

    Jimmy Dean
    Brown Sugar


    Pizza Fattie

    Sweet Itailian
    Pizza Sauce
    Italian Blend Cheese


    El Gordo

    sauteed, onion, cayenne, garlic, serrano
    Five Cheese Mexican Blend


    The trio doing their thing



  20. earache_my_eye

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    The beast is done and sliced!! Hope everybody is having good luck with their fatties.....(no blowouts!)

    Thank You, BBQG for getting this whole thing going.....I'll be hitting this thread for ideas/recipes for a long time to come!! [​IMG]


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