Encore Prenium Rib Spice

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  1. rosco09

    rosco09 Newbie

    Anyone here know were to buy encore rib spice online or retailer. I have web address but not getting any responce from them. I have got at the big lot stores but they quit carring it .                           Thanks
  2. smokey mo

    smokey mo Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Sorry, I have never heard of it.  That may be why I have my own rub...not the slave to the corporate buyer...

    Good luck.

    As a side note, you can buy Jeffs rub mix here on the site and it is off the chart good, and you mix it yourself  AND you help the forum. pretty cool eh? I have used it and it i awesome.

    here is the link. 

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  3. troytatye

    troytatye Newbie

    Yeah, same problem. I found their web site, no listing. Pity, I mixed it with Wickers marinade. Best finishing

    sauce I've ever had.
  4. troytatye

    troytatye Newbie

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