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  1. I have seen glimpses and have tried many searches but cannot find but scattered examples of enclosures to keep wind and especially rain off an electric smoker while smoking. I am looking to build a small shed type thing that would allow me to smoke in bad weather including winter. Any ideas/examples would be welcome. I do not have an enclosed porch and the garage is not an option.

    Thanks in advance

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  3. I have seen folks build an "out house" structure that looks very nice and keeps the weather away from the cooker. I'd link to some photos but I'm not allowed to. If you send me a PM I will send a link if that's legal. If not send me am email address and I'll send you a link.
  4. Get some steel stakes, the kind construction folks use, pound them into the ground.  Over them, a couple of PVC pipes, thick walled.  Make a 4 point setup with these.  Now attach tarps, rope them to the PCV pipes.  On one corner, use bungie cords, for entrance and exit.  If planned right, this could include a size just big enough to throw a tarp over when it rains.  For those folks with decks, get a local welding shop to price you a three point lat star with a spike pointing up, get 4 made and do it on your deck.

    These steel construction spikes are about an inch around, not square and you need a sledge hammer to put them in the ground.
  5. Thanks for the help. Going with a small outhouse contraption. Rough material list made up and if the weather keeps me off the lake I might get started this weekend.

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