Enclosed BBQ Smoker Trailer

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    Check out this enclosed smoker on wheels ~ PRICED TO FLY!

    Can easily BBQ four briskets or smoke four 12 lbs. turkeys at once.

    Features all NEW tires, brand NEW 2,000 lb. swing-back trailer jack, and a nice NEW red oak work shelf. Park it in the backyard or drag this baby to the beach, deer lease, tailgate party, or BBQ cook-off. You'll be ready to smoke, grill, or roast w/o getting any dirt or rain on your prize-winning entree. This compact trailer easily fits in a single parking space.

    • Large 35.5" x 24" grill
    • Custom pepper tumbler
    The pit was housed to conform with food safety regulations for commercial food production and completely protects the 40+ year-old iron pit. Hook this trailer up to your food truck and you're in the BBQ business!

    Large screened windows include custom, heavy-duty transparent vinyl tarps for keeping wind and rain out and can quickly roll-up to let a breeze through or be completely removed and stowed.

    The offset firebox feeds a 63" cylindrical smoking compartment which is 24" in diameter.

    A simple cable rigging controls the flu at the top of the smoke stack on the roof.

    READY TO GO - Well seasoned, everything is in great working condition. Sold as-is, where-is, or we can arrange delivery anywhere between San Antonio, Houston and DFW. This pit is ready to cook and apply your own customizations.

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