Enamel DO - Season Rim or No

Discussion in 'General Dutch Oven Information' started by bluto, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Hey all, I've been wanting a DO for quite some time and found an after season special ($30) on the 6.5QT Tramontina at Sams Club a while back. It is enameled, but the rim of the DO and part of the lid are not enameled, should I season just that part? And if so, what is the recommended method to season just those parts?

  2. java

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    I have never dealt with enamel on a dutch oven but I am sure someone here will come along and help.

    The only enamel I have dealt with was on a cast fry pan, and I finally just sand blasted it off and seasoned the whole thing.
  3. chef willie

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    I've had a Le Creuset for many years and have never bothered to season that little bare cast iron around the lip. Not sayin' 'no' I've just never found it necessary to do and with proper drying it has never shown signs of rust

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