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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by goingcamping, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Hey all...

    Well, this week has been productive!

    I started some chipotle (again)...got a couple of pounds of jalapenos (red ones, yeah!) for like $1.29/lb, used some hickory to smoke for about 6 hours, then continued to dry for another 30 hours or so. Turned out very nice, good pepper/smoky smell and not as hot as the serrano peppers I had made previously, but hotter than the anaheim peppers I had also smoked a few weeks ago!

    I decided last Sunday to make some pulled pork for a few friends at the fire house for today (Wednesday). So, I smoked 2 ~6lb butts Tuesday for about 10 hours, used my 18" AMNTS with the pitmasters blend... pulled on for the fire house, cut the other and vacuum packed it for camping this weekend?!

    I have tons of friends who hunt and harvest their kills, but then it seems they stall at using it for anything, except the occasional meal...so I have a running deal to all my freezer packed friends...bring my your wild game...I'll smoke it and split the results...got a taker on about 4.5lbs of ground elk, decided to make snack sticks today, I'll keep my share and give her (it's her husbands) her "cut"! All in all very happy with the results! I used nepas beef stick recipe loosely (I like 'em a little spicier). Used beer in lieu of water.


    happy smoken.

  3. reinhard

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    Looks like you got a good thing going there LOL. Nice lookin sticks, great job! Reinhard
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Nice looking sticks! I need to work a smoking deal with my friends that seem to get more than I do every season! Chipotle powder looks great too!
  5. Thanks all...the smoking of wild game is a good deal for both parties! I've had more than a few taker on the offer...I've been wondering if there's a way to charge people to make their wild game into jerky/snack sticks....charge a set-up fee plus a per lb fee (might encourage them to smoke like 25-50lbs at once time...which we all know Frank can handle.) Hmmmm???
  6. boykjo

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  7. woodcutter

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    Nice sticks!
  8. thoseguys26

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    Looks great. Hard to beat snack sticks, especially elk!
  9. nepas

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    Nice elk sticks

  10. tennsmoker

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    Hey Goingcamping,

    Those Elk sticks really look good, great job [​IMG]

    Question, I eat Venison sticks regularly what is the difference in the taste between Elk and Deer?

    thanks Al
  11. Al,

    Thanks for the compliments...I do think these sticks turned out very tasty and the coloring is awesome...

    In regards to the taste...I would say a lot of it would depend how it's field dressed and prepared? I prefer elk...and most of the deer we have around Colorado are mule deer. I have had some soybean fed plains white tail that'll knock your socks though?

    As far a the cured stuff (sausage, jerky and sticks), I'd say one might be hard pressed to distinguish?

  12. Looks great Brett, I work just down the road from you, what's your address, I need a snack... :drool
  13. It's all gone...no snack sticks for you! You're welcome anytime, just bring some beer and something too smoke!
  14. Those look soooooo good. I only got to eat elk once in my life and loved it. We have elk here but they were brought in by the state and highly protected. Elk were wiped out here in the Southern Appalachians eons ago by over hunting. I like sticks more than jerky and sure need to get me a stick maker.
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  15. MountainHawg~Elk, IMHO, is far superior to any beef for taste and leaness...these were burger, so fat was added for taste/texture. I typically don't add fat to my ground elk sticks...either way, they were tasty!

  16. roller

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    Looks great !
  17. driedstick

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    very Nice good lookin powder also.

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