Elk/Ground Beef Summer Sausage, Snack Sticks UPDATED

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  1. My dad loves HOT foods and Summer Sausage is no exception. Still had a few packages of elk meat, so ground up 6 lbs of it and added 4 lbs of 75/35 Ground Beef to it. Seasoned with 16 Tablespoons PS Seasonings Tex Mex and mixed 1.5 teaspoons Trehalose (per 1 pound of meat), 2 teaspoons Cure #1 into 3/4 cup water. Into the fridge for 24 hours. I weighed out 6 lbs for Summer Sausage then mixed in 6 teaspoons Encapsulated Citric Acid. Stuffed it into 2 - 1.8" x 20" casings and 2 - 1.5" x 13" casings. Into the MES at 115° for couple hours to dry out with no smoke, then bumping temp up by 10° each hour until I reach 160-165°IT. Smoking with 80% Cherry and 20% Mesquite.

    Sorry no pics of the meat mixed with the seasonings or during stuffing (I do this alone)!

    Ground elk/ground beef


    In the MES

    Once they are done, I'll post a pic of the cut sausage.

    See you in a while!

    These beauties spent 10 hrs in the smoker absorbing some great cherry and mesquite smoke until they reached 160 IT. I let them hang overnight to bloom, then into brown paper bags and in the fridge. 

    This is after the overnight blooming

    After an overnight chill in a paper bag in the fridge

    I used the remaining 4 lbs and stuffed into 21mm collagen casings to make him some snack sticks. Smoked them in the MES following the same times and temps as the Summer Sausage with cherry only.

     Sorry folks, I can't tell you how they taste because they are too spicy hot for me!

    Thanks for looking!
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    YUMMMM......I cant wait till after the 1st of the year so I can play and do sausages!

  3. Thanks Kat. You will have a blast doing it! 

    Should we get our elk this year, I will send you some elk SS or snack stix.
  4. kathrynn

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    Yeah!  I will hold you to that!!!!

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    My definition of trehelose.......................................LOL


    Nice start A........................[​IMG]
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    Have you used PS seasonings before. I found a small grocery store near by that sells nice variety of their mixes.
  7. This is the only flavor I've used and my dad loves it. Easy to use. I did taste it the first time I used it and other than too hot for my taste, it had good flavor.

    I think Rick (NEPAS) has used some of them too.

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