Element Type and Wood Chip Box Type and Placement Questions

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    This is my first build, and my first smoker. I am trying to decide what type of element to purchase. I have seen the Oven type elements with a controller like a griddle controller. I have also seen standard stove top elements used, such as hot plates. Im trying to decide what is best or at least what is recommended. I want to have good control over the temp, and dont know what kind of temp you could get in the smoker with only a stove top circular element. Id like to have enough temperature to be able to do hot smoking for things like roasts. What do you use for an element and why? also, as far as a wood chip box is concerned, what do you recommend, and how far should it be from the element. Please state if you are referring to its placement in relation to an oven or a stove top element type so its clear.

    Also, I am building it so I can also use coals and chips with the element either off or low to control temp. I like the idea of building it for various uses.

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    I picked up a Continental brand (?) hot plate at the dollar store for $10. I simply put in the bottom bowl of smoker. If I want to use charcoal, I will just take it out. Its not permanent. Its has three settings. It worked like a charm on a cold smoke build I did as far as getting the foil wrapped wood chips to smolder. As far as temp control goes, that would have to depend on the smoker itself and how it holds and maintains ANY heat for that matter. Get the cheap-o hot plate and then do a test one day on each of the settings. Low for 1 hr, med for 1 hr, and high for 1 hr. Plus the ambient temp an winds factor in too.

    Hope it helps!!
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