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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by desertjim, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. desertjim

    desertjim Newbie

    Hi All,  I'm green as a gourd when it comes to smoking anything.  I don't even BBQ much.

    Sometime back I purchased a Redi-Smoke BBQ-Smoker for resale.  Since I still have it, I've decided to keep it a use it.

    garlic.com/~jimd/smoker1.jpg,     garlic.com/~jimd/smoker5.jpg

    It appears to have brackets for three grates:  one just over the heating element, another half way up and another at the tip.  I still have to find and buy two.  I guess the others were missing.

    I was thinking that the wood chips went directly on the bottom grate over the element,....... but I saw in a video today some wood chip boxes.  In one the guy just put the metal box directly on the element.  Mine has no door at the bottom, so I guess the chips would have to go in at the onset.

    As I said, I'm as green as my smoker, so any information will certainly be appreciated.

    What chips do you like?  I can't handle Mesquite.......terrible indigestion :).

    Thanks a bunch,

    Jim - In the Deserts of New Mexico
  2. foamheart

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    Hmmmmm......... Does it look like this?

    Although its no longer Redi Smok and has not been for a very very long time, it is now called an Old Smokey. It is important to realize that what you have is an analog and NOT a digital smoker.

    You have only 3 to 5 temp settings (depending one the manufactured year).

    It is a non-vented system. You must not open the lid or you release the captured smoke.

    You have to start-up with the unit on high for 15 to 45 mins. to smoke the chamber then back off to the temperature you'll use to complete the smoke. One of the other set points. I think the above has low-low medium-medium-high medium-and high.

    One of my first Redi-Smok's had the same handle design as yours, so yours is probably 20 to 35 years old.

    I have worn 3 of them out, they work great for short smokes, mostly fowl.

    My biggest suggestion is you shop the web and find a manual or all three that Redi-Smok put out. They are a wealth of knowledge. They will help you understand your smoker.

    I am completely amazed that the bottom has not rusted out, it was the weakest point of this unit.

    So where in NM's desert? I was a charter member of the Tatum Yacht Club in Lea County. 
  3. desertjim

    desertjim Newbie

    Thanks a bunch, Kevin.  This sucker was just like new and came in the box!  I checked it out on the web, but didn't learn too much about it.

    I appreciate your information on it. 

    I noticed a lot of smokers are like small refers.  I may end up selling this one yet, but I want to try a brisket.  I love it.

    Will try and find a manual.

    I'm in Luna (Looney) County, between Deming and Silver City.

    Thanks again.

  4. foamheart

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    Love that Las Cruces chili festival.

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