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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ncsmoker1, Oct 17, 2015.

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    Hello everyone. I am brand new to this site and forum and wanted to get your advice. I currently have a charcoal Char Broil smoker and it works great for some things but I do not like that I am unable to control the temperature very well. I also had a Brinkman charcoal smoker before that as well and while I like the flavor of charcoal, it was tough to keep the temperature constant and it was difficult to check the meat when you had multiple trays. It takes constant supervision and I would much rather have a more even cooking temperature and time so I feel like an electric smoker is for me. (Would rather not deal with propane)

    A friend of mine has a Smoke Hollow 30" smoker and I like it so far but it does not have as much room as I would like. I would like to be able to fit 5-6 butts or a few racks of ribs without having to cut them in half. I am looking for an electric smoker under $200 that has plenty of room for these items. I havent been able to find a site that strictly recommends/reviews/compares smokers so I found this site and wanted to know your recommendations.

    What smokers do you currently use and what do you like about them? Also what did you pay for it?

    Thank you in advance for the advice! I will definitely be using this site more often!

  2. Hello PM. Welcome to the forums. There are a lot of great folks here that are willing to share info. To go bigger than a 30 means a 40 inch. The Masterbuilt electric is very popular, I love mine. The Masterbuilt Generation 1 would be my recommendation. They will be closer to $300-350.
  3. I have a Smoke Hollow and it served me fairly well but I just wasn't getting flavor that you can get with some sort of combustion from wood and/or charcoal. It was good for smoking fish for me. It also didn't have much room like for full racks of ribs. I know you said you don't want to fool with propane but having just switched to propane as in a Smoke Vault 24, I have to say it's pretty easy to set it and forget it once you get the temp where you want it. I purchased a 30# propane tank and I've cooked every weekend for over a month on the same tank. Got it on Amazon for just over $200 with free shipping. I'm pretty happy....just sayin.:welcome1:

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