Electric Smoker Newbie Needs Butt Help

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by dennatime, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. dennatime

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    I recently got the Masterbuilt 30 inch electric smoker. I have only made smoked chicken wings that came out wonderful! For Christmas I plan on smoking a Boston butt. 

    I plan on using the rub recipe from this website and was thinking of applying a coat of mustard on the butt to make it stick. 

    Do you recommend injecting the meat with anything? Brine? What kind of wind chip combo to use? Spray the meat with anything while cooking? 

    I'm excited and absolutely love smoking meat! Now I just need a little guidance to make this butt turn out great for the family dinner!

    Any and all advice is appreciated! 
  2. bear55

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    I never inject my butts, in my opinion they simply do not need it.  Rub it down good, wrap in plastic wrap overnight and into smoker.  A butt is a very forgiving piece of meat, if you are making pulled port get those internal temps up to 203-205 and it shreds like magic.  I cook my butts at 235.  I use hickory as my family seems to enjoy that wood the best.  Watch your temps, both smoker as well as internal and you can't go wrong.  I always foil my butts at 165 then take them to 203 or so, then into an ice chest to rest for an hour or so prior to pulling.

    Good luck.
  3. parrot-head

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  4. jsdspif

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    I like doing them . I usually just put some rub on , stick the temp probe in it and let it go . I gues I run my MES at 235 also . I just usually use whatever wood chips are open . Cherry / hickory , apple / mesquite ( I usally have 2 bags open) . I think for me the strangest thing is length of cooking time seems to vary even if the weight of the meat and ambient temps / conditions are the same . Granted sometimes it's consistent but I have had them where they might be 12 or 14 hours getting to 200 (or longer ) or 10 or 11 hours . I think the most difficult thing about a butt is trying to make it get done at a certain time . I think better off doing it slightly ahead of time and then do a final prep when everyones ready to eat .
  5. geerock

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    Bear 55 has you covered. All kinds of moisture in butts so just let it go. If you want to spritz every now and then fine but dont fret over butts. Hard to go wrong. As far as finish time just leave yourself plenty of time. If shes done early, just wrap tight in double foil, wrap that in a heavy towel, and drop that into a cooler. She'll stay for hours. Personally I cook at a higher temp, butts can take it, and I don't wrap anymore. But I've done them lower and slower, and I've wrapped in the past.....not sure theres a difference so see what you like. And butts will take the smoke too. I'm an oak / hickory guy but lots of woods work with pork butt. Best of luck and enjoy your holiday dinner.

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