Electric Burners in a plywood smoker

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by andrewmichelle, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. I've made my own smoke box ... ripped some 4X8 untreated plywood to make a 2X2X6 box, add castors, handles and ...put a vent at top and dryer duct vent 2/3rd way up on the side.  I use  my pellet grill to push smoke via the dry duct and 2 cheap walmart electric burners to add extra heat...

    So far works pretty good, can hang a ton of sticks, sausages, or logs in it... anybody else used these burners for heat source? any suggested improvements?  Smoking 35# of wild hog/deer sticks and pepporoni in the morning...  Last batch was "too smokey" so i'll probably dry for 1 hr, smoke for 3 and then kill the smoke..
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  2. This is my set up...
  3. dacheez17

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    That looks good! Is it only for cold smoking or for normal smoking?
  4. looks good👍points for original build!
  5. Got any more pics?of the door and such?
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    how much can you heat that up with the electric burners? getting ready to do some sausage and thinking instead of using wood in my offset, using one of these... i've always used it with a cast iron pan on top filled with wood chips for cold smoking, but i add ice to the cooking chamber and never really thought of trying to use the heat out of it.

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