El Diablo suprise beef sticks

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by exhaustedspark, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. I thought i would try out my new toy.

    Took 4 lbs beef tip ground up and added 1 lb pork , T CBP, 2 Jabenaro peppers and dry.

    After it is dry i will put in box with pellet burner and cold smoke it using Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Old no.7 Pellets.

    On the taste test i fried up some and it was so good i burnt my tongue on the Cast iron pan.

    Ouch. [​IMG]

  2. Finished smoked this Little test run of smoken SS Jerkey and Diablo Suprise Beef sticks.

    It was a success. Taste great and took on some great smoke flavor.

    Now to let it cool in the fridge and test it when it is cold.

    Thanks for letting me share.


  3. bluebombersfan

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    looks good how do you like the dehydrator?  I have been thinking about adding one to my arsenal.
  4. I love it. I use to have a Ronco and that was adequate however i wanted one with the fan. I really wanted a Excalibur but the cost i could not afford. This one will do fine and again i don't think the fruit and or jerky knows the brand name.

    Without thinking about i have just made the jerky according to the USDA standards. They recommend that we cure and bring the it temp up to 155* give or take a couple. From no on i will make all my jerky using the casing i use for summer sausage and then after it reaches its temp i will slice and Dry. I think the texture and flavor is actually superior to all i have done in the past.

    By the time i get the fruit to dry it is pretty ripe and using this dehydrator i don't have to rotate trays and i just let it do its thing. Love it.

    Boy i got long winded there

    Happy smoken


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