El cheapo digital thermo they're better than you think

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  1. I just bought 2 smart bbq remoted digital thermos at wally world on clearance for $11 each. I tried one out the other day on my new drum for a season/burn. My regular dial thermo read 250 deg while the digital read 350. Figured great, I just bought two of these cheap digitals and they're gonna suck. Well I figured I should boil some water and test them, turns out the digitals are right on and the mechanical one is 100 deg low. Good thing I never used that one before!!!! So, since theres no adjustment on the dial, in the trash it went. Gonna have to make a habit out of testing them when I first buy them instead of letting them sit for a year and losing the reciept!
  2. I'd be surprised to find any new digital off by 20°. Electronics just does not have that margin of error mechanical systems do.
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    I have the same one and love it.
  4. do you mean walmart when u say wally world ?
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    Yes Walmart, that is just another way of saying I guees.
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    yes, the theme park from 'Vacation' was "Walley World"
  7. hmm, have to look into this - remote digital thermometers are pretty rare in the uk and seriously expensive when you find them.

    Walmart you say, have to drop my sister a line and see what she can find up there in canada :)
  8. RichT,

    I'm an instrumentation technician and I spend all day convincing people that the electronics are right!! I just have a general feeling that "cheap" electronics are somehow not going to work properly. weird thing is I bought the mechanical one at gordon foods where a lot of restaraunt/caterers buy their stuff!! Oh well, i still want the omega thermocouple transmitter, but the price tag is stopping me for now, but not for long. how much of a geek would I be if I could show you the temperature logs for all my smokes? lol.

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