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  1. Can you get a nice smoked pal or with your Egg? How do you do it. I smoked my first ribs and butt. Turned out good..... But not great... Needs more smoke flavor. Tried the amaze n smoker with it but not enough air to keep it going. Should I try chunks of wood, pellets, pellet dust, chips? Will I get that nice smoked flavor I had with my Traeger? Or will I end up getting a Yoder in the end run? I could see how the Egg can excell on brisket just if it had more smoke flavor... Thanks for your help.
  2. I use chunks or small limbs from the yard with my BGE. I can get all the smoke you can handle.

    Happy smoken.

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    I have a large BGE egg and use it religiously. I find that 4 fist sized chunks of oak in with the lump will produce about as much smoke as you will want. I myself have never had great results with chips. I have heard others say that they get good results with chips but I haven't been so fortunate with them. Again chunks is the way to go in my opinion if you are looking for a heavy smoke flavor. Hope this helps.

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