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    I finally got the mods done on my ecb. My question is how much difference in temps should I expect. I have had pretty good success without the mods but I think with the mods will be better. Should I just use the minion method or just add new lump as it goes. Without mods I addednlump about every hour. Should I expect the same if I just add the lump?
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    Doing the mod's made the ECB a great working smoker that has some decent heat control.  I am totally sold on the Minion Method of starting charcoal chunks (don't use brickets as they leave too much ash).  I bought a new paint can at Lowes, took a can opener to the bottom and use it as the form for the starter chunks in the middle of the charcoal pan.  Start with the can in the middle, put chunks around it and start your starter chunks in a chimney.  When they are fully started, dump them in the bottomless can, then remove it.  Personally, I make up banana-shaped, aluminum foil packets of smoke wood mini-chunks (soaked for 24 hours).  I take all chunks and split them down to what I call mini-chunks (about 2 x 2 x 2).  I put them in aluminum foil shaped into crescents.  I put them on top of the un-started charcoal chunks, around where the started can is located.  Then as the middle chunks burn, they will start the chunks that surround them and get the smoke wood going.  It is a great way to keep a constant heat in your smoker.
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    At around 250 F, the minion method gives me around 3 hours before I have to fill it up again. (Did a ton of mods on my ecb)

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