ECB thermometer in old spot?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by hawtsauc3, Jan 27, 2016.

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    So I have an ECB used once cuz I got it on sale for $30 post bankruptcy. It works great but I want a normal thermometer and I ordered one online. My question is, is it possible to just take out the one that's stock and somehow attach the replacement In that gaping hole? I've see one pic online that looks like someone did it, but I haven't found anything to see if anyone knows how to go about doing this. I just figure why drill a hole if you don't need to
  2. I have a charcoal ECB, That I plan to do just that too. Keep in mind I have access to a full machineshop.

     The original therm snaps in (and out). I have not found any aftermarket ones that mount in this manor, nor have the same body size. If I had to buy the parts or pay someone to make them it would cost way more than the full ECB price, nearly as much as a cabinet type smoker.

     For anyone with limited tools/ equipment drilling may be best option, ugly as it is.

     You could fashion plates/washers to cover the hole and mount the new therm in that or maybe even use the thightening nut with some therms to pinch the washers on either side with the lid inbetween. Access to someone who can weld would be great and save alot of headaches. If the boss buys a wirefeed welder I may decide to go that route insteaad. He loves to buy toys. 
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    How big is the hole?

    I would think large flat washers would work.

  4. hawtsauc3

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    It's about a 2" hole which is why I don't think I'll find a washer big enough
  5. Ask around at your local hardware store. They make some pretty big sheet metal washers for covering the knock-outs on electrical boxes. All else fails a small peice of thin steel or metal flashing and some tin snips you can make your own.
  6. lamar

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    You might ask for fender washers. They are oversized washers. If you can find one big enough to cover the existing hole, you might have to use a second set to reduce to the size of your thermometer.

    Good luck

  7. tropics

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    ​Get some aluminum flashing,trace a circle with a can.You can cut it with a scissor


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