ECB MOD'S Please help

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by smokingd, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. I was given a brand new ECB today and have no clue as to what mod's this thing needs. Have been searching here but can't seem to find them anywhere. Here is a pic of it

    The white pieces are bits of the sticker should come off once I soak it.

    P.S it is charcoal

    Thanks for any help
  2. dribron

    dribron Meat Mopper

    I have the same one, and the only thing I really needed to do was replace the firebowl with a grill wok. Either that or drill a ton of holes in it to allow better air to the coals. Aside from that, it works pretty great keeping a pretty nice temp over all. Made some of the best ribs of my life in that one... Smoke on Man!
  3. smokin leo

    smokin leo Meat Mopper

    i dont have the same model but its a split door charcoal
    the only mods ive done
    original pan drilled 3/8 holes in bottom lots and on all sides
    got a grill wok for longer smokes
    drilled 1/4 holes between handles for my thermo
    had to drill 1/4 holes for extra racks to make up for the distance inside
    hope it helps[​IMG]
  4. rbranstner

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    First thing you have to do for sure is get a reliable thermometer.
  5. hernando

    hernando Smoke Blower

    Here are the two I did for mine.

    1. Charm glo grilling wok (drilling holes in the factory pan did nothing for me)

    2. Fiberglass rope along the doors. As my doors leaked smoke and I would assume heat as well.

    The one thing I did see as promising,was, the EGB felt liner in place of the rope. The rope works great but it is a tight fit to close the doors. So I may try that instead but for now, this works.
  6. Thanks for the idea. I did notice today that the door leaked quite a bit. Today I have my hot plate in there I am holding steady around 190 :) looking like it can double as cold smoker
  7. +1 on the air flow situation. Either get the wok, or drill a bunch of holes.
    Mine also does much better with lump charcoal than briquettes. It doesn't ash over and smother itelf out nearly as bad.

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