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  1. Im going to be adding some weber dampers i ordered to be used for intake and exhaust vents. Was wondering if for the intake if i could get away with putting the dampers on the sides or if they should really go on the bottom... thank you in advance!
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    Bump anybody got answers I don't have an ECB
  3. I'll try and post a detailed pictorial of the mods I made on my ECB this weekend. I believe I've solved it and have a decent unit that will produce some good BBQ. The ECB out of the box is a better BBQ than a smoker. i have maybe $40 in parts and couple of hours of my time. Here are a couple of the basic mods. Thermometer, vents on the lid and a different charcoal pan. Here is what I have for now.

  4. Smokin Bark- tell me about that charcoal pan. I was just gifted an ECB and have been looking at doing something similar.
  5. Smokin bark- I found the info, thanks

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