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  1. Using the EO's summer sausage recipe. Making all 15 pounds with 10.5 lbs of venison and 4.5 lbs of pork. All are ground seperately. Question is what temp and how long do I smoke it? Thinking 225 degrees until 165 IT....will that do it? Also, what is the best wood for smoking it?  Can I add diced Jalapeno's to the mix?  Thanks alot!!
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    I don't make alot of summer sausage but I do make alot of snack sticks and 225 is WAAAAAY to high.
  3. If you smoke at 225 all the fat will melt out and it will end up with a dry and crumbly texture. I usually start it in the smoker for an hour at 130 to dry it then smoke for around eight hours bumping the temp up 10 degrees every hour until i hit a max smoker temp of 170 then finish in a sous vide or water bath until sausage IT is 155. The higher the IT the firmer the texture will be so it's personal preference. I like red pepper flakes to add kick but I've read where others have added jalapenos.
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    X2 what they said,,,,, 170 max in my smoker also. 

    and I only take mine to 152-155* IT works good for me. Usually takes around 8-9hrs for larger 2 1/2" Summer sausage for me but I start out at 110 and work up from there but starting at 130 works also. 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker,,,, is you smoker happy 

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  5. Wow, thanks. Will start my smoker lower than first thought. Instructions are crap with the kit I bought. Do I mix the cure package and seasoning package with water to mix in or just sprinkle it and mix dry? Have seen it both ways in videos and forums with recipes.
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    I always, add cure to some ice cold distilled water about 2 cups or so and stir the water till the pink salt is Dissolved, then add your mix to the water and make a slurry,,, add a little to the meat,,,, mix,,,, add more slurry to meat,,,, mix and do this till slurry is gone,,, make sure meat is tacky and that tells you the cure is working, your will need to mix 5-7 min,,, I always hand mix,,, 

    her a a few pics kinda hard on last pic but that is the pink salt (cure #1) being dissolved in water 

    Good luck and can't wait to see what you make. 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker,,,,, is your smoker happy 

  7. If the kit calls for water add to water then mix. If not it's your choice to add water or not. It makes it easier to mix. Up to 1c water for 5lb of meat... I personally go a little less 1/2 to 3/4c.
  8. Sorry driedstick i must have been typing as you were posting. Great advice.
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    No worries,,, great advice from you as well. 

  10. Thanks again and I will post pics!!
  11. So far....


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    Those are looking good,, Nice chubs 
  13. Not a very good pic but in da smoker

  14. Got done late last night....had a stall at 127 degrees. Tastes great!! Thanks y'all for the help.

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    Looks great nice job,,,, now you have the sausage bug LOL 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker and yours looked happy,,,, there for Point!! 

  16. italian sausage is next...
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    How much Cure#1 do you use per lbs of meat? This is my first time smoking summer sausage so any tips you could give would be great appreciated. Thank you
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    For summer sausage 1 level tsp per 5lbs of meat of Cure #1

    https://www.americanspice.com/prague-powder-no-1-pink-curing-salt/ here is a link to buy and directions are at the bottom,,, good luck and let us know if you need anything else.

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