Easter Smoke

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  1. The menu: Fattie with Cheese and wrapped in bacon, Boston Butt, two Hams, a leg and shank for later cookings, two steaks, and beans

    My smoke: Peach wood with oak and charcoal

    My two birds

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    Their is the two steaks. Decided to stick a beer can up one of the chickens. It was juicier than the other one, but the other had better skin.

    My apprentice, I shall call him mini-me

    The fattie...first ever try at it. Turned out good, gonna try some pizza sauce with one next time

    Two birds done...left was with beer can, right laying down on the grate.

    Who needs guard dogs when you have this arsenal..My friends Jake and Cooksey

    The only finished shots I got before dark of the butt and hams...

    It all tasted ok, not my best....but no one complained, except me. I thought the butt and hams were tough...Seems like they didn't fall apart to well, anyone got any ideas on how to make pork more tender?
  2. bassman

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    Great looking smoke. Wish I'd been there. I have several firearms that need to be fine tuned (sighted in). [​IMG]
  3. irishteabear

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    I love seeing a full smoker. Everything looks like it turned out great.
  4. You could foil the butts when they hit about 165-170 internal, and keep cooking until they reach 195-210 internal. Let them rest for at least an hour beforehand, and they will fall apart, everytime.
  5. cowgirl

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    It all looks good from here! I think you need to change your name from "rookie" to "Pro".... [​IMG]
  6. Congratulations, that's some serious food you got there! [​IMG]

    Real nice smoker too [​IMG]

    Happy Easter to you all.

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