Easter Leg of Lamb

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  1. Last Easter I made a few racks of ribs that went over pretty well but left everyone wanting more.  This year I was determined not to have that issue.  Picked up a boneless 7lb leg from the local butcher shop, where they were kind enough to cut it in half and wrap it up nicely.

    First one went into a mix of red wine, fresh rosemary and garlic.

    Second piece went into a mix of scotch, soy sauce, brown sugar and spices

    Two days later it was time to go onto the MES 30....

    Ready for the smoker

    Cooked pretty quick at 225....done in a little over 3 hours (pulled off at 143 IT)

    Hot grill to sear the outside for a few minutes, then into foil and cooler to wait for everyone to come over.

    Didn't get any pictures of the sliced final product, but of the 7 pounds there was very little leftover and people were pulling pieces off the cutting board before I could get it plated!  Overall, I think it was a success.  Even the family members who didn't like lamb had seconds!!

    Last year I used cherry wood, this year I wanted to try apple.  Both were great but I think the cherry gave the lamb heartier sweeter smoke flavor and will probably be the way I go moving forward.

    Happy Smokin',

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    Scotty, nice looking leg ![​IMG]

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