Easter Ham with a Whiskey Glaze (Q view)

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    I know it a little late. But better late then never. 

    First off I used a Cooks Shank Ham about 8ish lbs. I always love to brine any of my meats before smoking it. In my bring solution I had salt, dark brown sugar, pickling spices, Guinness and whiskey. I let it it sit in the solution for 3 days. Before putting it in the solution I cut off all the exterior fat and skin and reserved it to put above my ham to let it drip onto my ham during cooking.

    Before putting it on the smoker I rinsed off the brine dried it and lathered my meat with a mixture of butter and dark brown sugar and applied my rub.

    I smoke at 200 degrees and I use alder pellets as my main smoking element with a little maple fine wood chips sprinkled in.  I glazed it with a whiskey glaze toward the of smoking which had whiskey, honey, dark brown sugar, agave nectar, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and balsamic vinegar. I applied 4 coats of the glaze.

    After 8 hours and reaching temp I pulled it off.

    Final product before slicing!!!!
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    Man that looks good I really need to quit looking at all these posts before breakfast
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    Looks Great, Kboss!![​IMG]

    Nice Job![​IMG]


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