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Discussion in 'Pork' started by garand555, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. garand555

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    I had a conversation with my mother about Easter dinner today and it went something like this:

    Me: So, do you think that I ought to go out and shoot a couple of bunnies and throw them in the pit for Easter or do...
    Her: YOU'RE GETTING A HAM!!!!!

    I think the ham bit was more of a reaction to her not being too fond of how it feels more solid when you chomp down on a bunny bone that is noticeably more solid than a bird bone and I might be able to convince her that there are other things that aren't ham that would be good, but I'm not ready to push that one yet. I might go out early Saturday morning and thump a couple of bunnies anyway, but that had better not be the only thing on the menu for my sake.

    I'm nowhere near a ham guru and I obviously don't have the time to cure one myself, so I'm wondering what others on this site who are more experienced with preparing ham would do in my shoes. I have all the normal stores around (Albertsons, Smiths, Costco, etc...) and there is a local butcher shop that has phenomenal meats, but the prices are quite high. Are there any pre-cured raw hams that are readily available that somebody might suggest, or would I just be better off going and getting a pre-cooked one and warming it up in some smoke? If there aren't any options that will result in something better than just getting a precooked ham and warming it up in the oven, I'll start pushing some ribs or something, but that "YOU'RE GETTING A HAM" kind of makes me leery.
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    Well.... if you serve rabbit a day or two before Easter then you can just skip the whole thing and tell the kids you ate the easter bunny!  lol

    I usually just get a Cooks brand ham at Safeway or some other big chain, score the fat with a knife, rub it with yellow mustard then apply a brown sugar based rub with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, orange zest, ect, ect. Toss it in the smoker till it hits 180°.
  3. smokinal

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  4. garand555

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys!

    I've always let others deal with the ham, but now that I can put some smoke on the stuff, I'll start taking it over. That and turkeys are about the only things that I'd not jump right in and do my self. I'll see what I can find on such short notice, and if I can't find anything that is good, I'll find a picnic or something, glaze it like a ham and say "Uhhh, yeah, it tastes different because it didn't go through the, uhhhh, factory processing."

    I do think that the Easter bunny needs to die anyway.
  5. smokinup

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    We just bought a WES 40, and it;s all seasoned up.  Thought we would "christen" in by smoking our Easter ham in it tonight, or tomorrow morning.

    It's a Cook's 9lb butt-end ham, purchased at Kroger.  Have cherry wood chips.

    Need recommendations on smoking temp and time for it.  Thought that we might throw some corn in there too at some point, so any tips on that would be great as well. 

    It's going to be a feast of ham, green bean casserole, homemade au-gratin potatoes, smoked cobs, throwed rolls, and key lime pie!!

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