Easter Ham questions???

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  1. After doing some research and weighing my options I decided to take the easy route this year and bought a spiral cut pre-cooked ham. Where a wrench comes into the plan is we are eating at my grandmothers home on Sunday and I am leaving Sat morning to head that way. I am planning on putting a good rub on the ham and smoking it either thursday or friday night for 4 hours around 225 F.  I will then let it cool and cover in foil, it will be reheated on sunday for Easter noon meal. 

    Do I need to worry about it getting dried out with it going to be reheated/cooked twice?  I really wish I could just smoke/heat and bring to the meal but it just will not work.  Anything you guys would propose I do differently temp/time?  I understand all I will really be doing is imparting smoke flavor and some from the glaze/rub.

    Thanks once again for the help and wisdom.

    Wade H
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    Do you think a bit of moisture in foil when reheating will have an adverse affect?
  3.  I think that I may end up doing that Sunday morning to reheat it say apple juice or the sort I do not think it would hurt anything might just make the "bark" a little soft but that is alright.
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  5. Yep that!

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