Easter Ham - Need Thoughts and Ideas

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kennedy4597, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. I bought a 11 pound uncooked bone-in Smithfield ham....It has a nice fat cap......I have a vertical propane smoker...I want to use apple chips and smoke for about an hour a pound....I use the hour per pound theory with chicken, beef, and pork shoulders and seems to work out well for my smoker, but have never smoked a uncooked ham....any thoughts would be appreciated
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    Welcome Kennedy!

    First off, you should go to roll call & introduce yourself, so we can properly welcome you.

    There are a few variables. We can't give you an approximate time of cooking, if you don't tell us the temp you're using.

    We cook to internal temp on Hams---not time.

    USDA calls for 160˚ internal temp for all Hams that were not previously cooked by their US manufacturer.

  4. Al - Thanks for the link - I will check it out

    Bearcarver - I will go to roll call....thanks for the info and the welcome!....I try to smoke at 225 and not higher than 250
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    Welcome to the SMF.....allow yourself plenty of time...I lately have been cutting myself short, not taking in variables like wind with my verticle gasser. I'm assuming you will be using a digital probe therm to monitor IT's on that ham....like Bear said, it's raw meat...gotta hit at least 160 to be safe.
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    I should re-state what I said above about that 160˚ IT:

    When smoking a Ham that has not been cooked already, you should take it to 160˚ internal, unless it states a different temp on the package, like Smithfield tells you to take it to 148˚ internal temp.

    USDA doesn't recommend that. They recommend 160˚, and Smithfield takes full responsibility for the 148˚ target.

    The choice is therefore yours.

  7. now to add to my confusion....the misses invited more folks over for dinner and came home with a 6.5 uncooked bone-in Smithfield....original is 11.5...plan to smoke/cook at 225....how much sooner should the big one go on....will the 11.5 take 6 hours at least????   I'm okay with trial and error with the family, but got lots of prople coming for Easter!!
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    I would say a couple of hours ahead of the smaller one.

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