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  1. People have been asking for 4 to 6 racks at a shot lately and don't have the room. For $200+/- the dyna glo 47" I could use it right away. I like the 20" depth. I know the mods and thats not a problem. Is there anything new that can top it for a little more dough. Summers still here and like to pull the trigger now. Thanks
  2. After some reading on here from current users, the dyna glo it is. Would encasing fire box in 1/8" plate be just a waste of time or would insulating be the way to go. The 1176 is off the shelf with no door gasket for $209. The wide body $280 is an order with door gasket -confirmed by dyna glo rep-. Either way fire box still same size and if using steel plating I can get that in my travels along with wheels. Also planning an above fire ball valve for more control. Any thoughts?
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    I am not familiar with this smoker. But I would go with the unit with door gasket or plan on adding it. Thin metal changes with temp and air leaks will eliminate your ability to control the fire and temp of the smoker.  If you can swing the $$$ go for the wide body. Folks rarely say, " Damn, I bought too big a smoker! " Good luck...JJ
  4. Would be picking up Nomex for fire box door anyway so I would have that on hand already. Just wish a wide body can come off the shelf so i can visibly see damage if any than go thru endless damage control. Still would like some imput on laminating fire box.
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    I got a size bigger than I needed , and glad I did . . .

    Have fun and . . .
  6. So, two stores and three damaged dyna glo's later, gonna have to order. In the mean time want to continue gathering mod parts. Wanna make it a raised stool grate design. Was thinking 2 evenly spaced ball valves above fire grate in line with top vent going into cc. How would I size valves? Was thinking 1" full port bv but thats a guess from other projects.
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    I am not a Smoker designer, but have an engineering/science background. Could you be more specific with the purpose of the above additions, maybe a drawing?...JJ 
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